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The Independent Metal Strap company is among the major government suppliers of Steel Strapping & accessories in the U.S.A.

We owe our long term success to hard work and dedication to our craft. However, becoming one of the trusted government vendors for steel strapping did not happen overnight. The U.S. Government sets the strictest of standards and Independent Metal Strap prides itself with exceeding those standards.

Our manufacturing process adheres to ASTM Specification D3953 (latest);  Our entire line of Government Grade Strapping and Seals is FULLY Galvanized (including the edges) as required by the Specification.

All of Independent Metal Strap’s steel requirements are provided for by milling companies from the U.S. ONLY.

In choosing U.S.-based suppliers, we help the American steel manufacturers’ industry and, at the same time, avoid the complications caused by importing raw materials.

Complete Catalog of Strapping and Seals

Our customer base is composed of companies in different industries, and we are sensitive to all the needs of these markets. Our catalog offers a wide selection of galvanized and stainless steel strapping, tools, and seals available in different types and sizes. You are safe in the knowledge that our products will help you complete essential applications faster and achieve better results consistently.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about our products or service? Contact us today for all your steel strapping requirements or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.