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We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of FULLY steel galvanized strapping seals. Since our establishment in 1907, Independent Metal Strap has been a leading player in the steel industry. We owe this distinction to the competence of our team, our commitment to producing top-grade products, and our dedication to helping you conduct excellent business applications.

Made in the U.S.A.

We are proud to say we manufacture all of our products and complete every stage of production, including galvanization, packing and shipping, here in the U.S.A ONLY. In addition, all of our raw materials come from American steelmills. With U.S.-based suppliers, we help Americans keep jobs in the U.S. and ensure the quality of our steel products are of the highest specifications. Furthermore, by keeping everything at home, we can give you superior products at a lower cost than our competitors

Government – military grade steel products

The U.S. Government sets a strict set of standards that we at Independent Metal Strap are proud to say we have the capability to adhere to. At Independent Metal Strap, we engineer and manufacture our line of steel strapping in accordance with the latest ASTM D3953 (latest)specification. Our government grade strapping comes in Painted (Finish A) and Galvanized (Finish B). In addition to steel strapping, we produce government grade Open (Style I), Closed (Style II), and Pusher (Style III) strapping seals.

By clicking on the government Link at the top of the page you will find a list of the Government Grade steel strapping and other items we offer. We have listed the National Stock Number (NSN) next to each item so you can easily find what item you need. If you are searching for an item by National Stock Number and you cannot find it on our list, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Please explore our website and contact us soon!

Get in touch with us at 516-621-0030, talk to our team today, and see why we are a cut above the other military suppliers of strapping and seals in the market.