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Independent Metal Strap is proud to be one of the few steel strapping manufacturers and distributors to be approved as a United States Government vendor. We offer a wide range of steel strapping and strapping seals — all made with U.S. steel and in accordance with the latest ASTM D3953 specifications

About Our Government Grade Products

Our stainless steel strapping for government comes in two finishing options: Organic/Painted (Finish A) and Galvanized (Finish B). It also comes in stainless steel banding to offer you the most flexibility in the application of your strapping.

In addition to offering a wide range of steel strapping sizes, we also offer a selection of seals and hand operated strapping and sealing kits.

About Independent Metal Strap

Since its founding in 1907, Independent Metal Strap has been an industry leader of stainless steel strapping for government applications. We’ve achieved this success by not only supplying the strapping, but by producing it ourselves.

We start by sourcing the very best United States Steel, which we then use to make the straps, seals, and banding. Every part of the production process is performed by our team, even the galvanization, which allows us to oversee the entire process and ensure compliance with government specifications.

Commitment to U.S. Steel Mills

At Independent Metal Strap, our motto is “Made in the U.S.A. Every Step of the Way.” We take pride in our commitment to only purchasing the best steel from U.S. steel mills, supporting American steel workers, and avoiding the hazards of foreign steel and raw material.

Other Products

In addition to our government grade products, we offer a wide range of products geared towards industries from mining to telecommunications. We approach all our products with thoroughness and care to make sure they meet our expectation of excellence.