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5 Advantages Galvanized Steel Can Bring to Any Project

By August 9, 2017December 16th, 2021No Comments

Steel is an incredibly versatile material and is used in many building projects. The best way to protect your steel against the elements is to invest in the galvanized steel process. This is when a protective zinc coating is added to the steel to prevent the formation of rust.

There are plenty of benefits of utilizing galvanized steel strapping in any metal building project. Here we explain.

It lasts for a long time
The average length of time that galvanized steel lasts is more than 70 years in rural environments and about 25 years in urban settings. The reason for this discrepancy is because urban environments create many pollutants that can wear away at the protective coating over time. But this longevity is beneficial because you won’t have to constantly worry about reapplying the coating year after year.

Lower first application cost
A galvanized coating is quite cheap for the first application compared to other kinds of sealants. This is mostly because the labor costs and needs for a galvanized dip is much less than one needed to paint, for example.

Offers complete protection
When a piece of steel is galvanized, it is completely protected on all sides from the elements. Other sealants usually only focus on one side, which can be harmful as the non-protected size can start to wear away from the outside in.

Can work with multiple different sizes
Typically speaking, stainless steel strapping is manufactured in sizes varying from
3/8″ x .015 to 3/4″ x 0.30. So, with this in mind, know that any size steel can be galvanized properly for any sized project.

Easy to assess
Galvanized coating can easily be assessed by just looking at it, meaning you don’t need to hire a professional to come and check that the coating is completely even. There are also simple, nondestructive testing processes that can be used to double check the work, making it easier than ever to test the quality of materials used for a beginner.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of investing in galvanized steel for any sized project. Not only will you be able to take advantage of ease of application, a cheap cost, and the complete protection it offers, its longevity is the best in the entire coating industry.

Call our professionals today to learn more about what galvanized steel can do for you.


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