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Buy American When You Choose Your Steel Strapping Manufacturer

By December 5, 2014No Comments

At Independent Metal Strap we pride ourselves in starting with only the top quality domestically produced steel. We believe and have always had the philosophy that buying and using American raw materials to produce American finished product, in our case steel strapping, is the only way to ensure that all aspects of our production are always to the same high standards that we set for ourselves.

As an American steel strapping manufacturer that produces government grade steel strapping to the latest in ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) specifications we know that you count on our products to be consistent in quality and performance. Since we always have full understanding of where our raw materials come from we are able to provide the same high quality steel strapping year after year for government use. In fact, we fully certify that all our steel strapping as well as our seals are produced and manufactured in full accordance to ASTM Specification D3953.

About Us

Independent Metal Strap Company Inc. first started production of steel strapping in 1907. At that time, just like today, we buy our steel only from domestic mills in the United States. We also make sure that as a top steel strapping manufacturer we only work with top US mills, ensuring that our quality is consistent and to all applicable industry standards.

Why It Matters

We take these extra steps in providing to quality steel strapping because we believe that American made is still the best option and will continue to be so. We have watched imported steel and products made from that imported steel simply not last and certainly not provide the quality product that our customers want and deserve.

We do everything in-house from purchasing the steel to completing galvanization. This allows us, as the steel strapping manufacturer, to have full control over all aspects of production.

Although we are primarily a steel strapping manufacturer we also provide the option for buying all your tools, seals and strapping in one location, making your ordering process easier and allowing us to get you the product you need when you need it.


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