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Choose American Made Galvanized Steel Seals for Your Strapping Applications

By April 23, 2015No Comments

The fact of the matter is that galvanized steel is the best you can get if you need a quality strapping solution that will resist corrosion and rust. There are tons of benefits that come along with using galvanized steel. Everybody who is anybody in the industrial world knows that American steel has long been hailed as the best steel in the world. When you choose galvanized steel strapping seals to help overcome your shipping challenges, it is critical to choose seals that are made with high quality raw materials.

Different Types of Seals for Different Applications

Buying seals should be a straightforward process, right? Unfortunately a little more thought needs to be put into it. There are three main types of galvanized strapping seals that include Open, Closed, and Semi-Open. Open seals are used more than any other type of seal. They are used to maintain the strap alignment before tensioning, and they are then placed on the overlapping ends afterwards. Closed seals are used in strapping applications where odd-size packages need to be strapped. With these seals, strapping is used from the coil, and threaded through the seal. It is then formed into a loop that is pulled tightly around the package. Whatever your needs may be, it is important to use the right seal that is recommended for your application.

Why Choose American Made?

You may be able to find cheaply made seals online that are extremely low in cost, but chances are that they will not be made in America, and they will probably not be nearly as dependable as American made seals. Cheaper seals are often manufactured in other countries as well. Other countries usually do not have the same quality control processes that are used by American made companies, hence the lower cost. When you buy American made seals, you can be assured of high quality galvanized seals that will be durable and dependable.

Why Galvanized Steel Strapping is the Way to Go

Galvanized steel strapping beats all other types on the market when it comes to a cost-effective option for bundling, lashing, packing, banding, and other strapping applications. It is coated in zinc, so it has much higher corrosion resistance properties than regular steel. This prevents the straps from rusting over time, and it makes the seals versatile since they can be used in applications where corrosion is anticipated.


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