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How Far We’ve Come: Steel Industry

By August 3, 2016December 16th, 2021No Comments

Just about every industry in the world has seen tremendous changes over the last few decades. If an industry has not been altered dramatically, then it either didn’t exist five years ago or it’s a completely failing industry. Even lemonade stands, everyone’s first job, have changed thanks to social media, new apps, and other Internet-related tools.

One industry that has significantly improved over the years, that may have gone unnoticed by the general public, is the galvanized steel strapping industry.

The steel industry itself has come a long way over the years, and the same goes for niches within that industry like galvanized steel strapping. Here are just a few major ways that the steel industry has improved over the last few decades.


Galvanized steel strapping wouldn’t be as efficient if it weren’t for the help of other great thinkers, innovators, and industry leaders. Thanks to other innovations regarding energy use, it now takes much less energy to produce steel than ever before. In 1972, it took 34% more energy to produce a single ton of steel. The steel industry has significantly improved every year since then and is now extremely energy efficient.


According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, wholly 88% of steel around the world is recycled today. Not too many industries can boast such high levels of recovery. Despite that, in decades and centuries past some steel factories contributed to significant pollution levels. Now, most consumers have a positive view of the industry, thanks in large part to new programs that help us better recycle steel products and limit pollution levels.


The Golden Gate Bridge was created in 1933 and it took more than 83,000 tons of steel. If the bridge were to be rebuilt today, because of all the positive changes to the industry, the bridge would only need about 41,000 tons of steel to be constructed.

So many industries have come a long way since the 1930s, and certainly steel production is no exception. If you want to know more about galvanized steel strapping, contact Independent Metal Strap today!


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