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Steel Strapping Seals

How to Use Steel Strapping Seals?

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When you need to secure a heavy load, steel strapping is the logical choice. Composed of steel alloys, steel strapping has the highest break strength. This makes it the perfect choice when you need to secure a heavy load.

Uses for Steel Strapping

  • Securing products to pallets
  • Closing cartons or crates
  • Reinforcing pallets
  • Securing products to railcars
  • Securing products to flatbed trucks
  • Bundling loose materials

Using Strapping Correctly

However, your steel strapping is only as good as your application method. If you do not use it correctly, you could risk losing your load.

  • Pick the right break load.
  • Choose the right strapping material.
  • Use the right tensions tools.
  • Tension properly, allowing time to rest before testing tension.
  • Use edge protectors or other materials to protect cartons, containers, or products.

Metal Strapping Seals

Metal strapping seals are used with steel straps. You can find them in several different varieties including:

  • Open
  • Closed
  • Push
  • Open Flange
  • Magazine-Fed

You apply them with your strapping sealer, which may be manual or automated. The strapping sealer crimps the seals over the strapping.

Steps to Seal Steel Straps

  • Put on eye and hand protection.
  • Secure the straps around the cargo in the desired position.
  • Place strapping so that it overlaps. The strapping at the back of the tensioner will be on the bottom; the strapping at the front of the tensioner will be on the top.
  • Open the tensioner.
  • Guide the straps into the tensioner and release the handle on the tensioner.
  • Move the handle back and forth to tighten until you reach the desired tension.
  • Place a seal around the straps at the front of the tensioner.
  • Place the open jaws of a manual sealer around the sealer that was placed on the strapping.
  • Close the sealer; make sure it is fully closed before removal.
  • Trim excess strapping with the cutter tool.
  • Release and remove the tensioner.

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