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India a Primary Focus at 2nd International Galvanizing Conference

By October 27, 2016December 16th, 2021No Comments

At a recent International Galvanizing Conference, India’s galvanized steel strapping market was highlighted. Developing countries like India and Brazil are opening up huge new markets for steel industry products like galvanized steel strapping and stainless steel banding.

According to The Economic Times, the International Zinc Association, alongside Hindustan Zinc, planned to meet this October to discuss the potential steel and zinc market in India, as well as how galvanized steel strapping can assist various applications within the industry. Discussions included major projects like railway track construction and infrastructure, as well as smaller uses like steel hinges, which can be used to support more than 140 pounds of refrigerator door weight without sagging.

The process of galvanizing is done by applying a protective zinc coating to steel in order to prevent rusting. One of the more common methods of galvanizing is the hot-dip method, which involves submerging parts of the steel in a bath of molten zinc.

This recent conference is the second International Galvanizing Conference. In India, common applications for galvanized steel and die-casting include growth sectors like automobile components, household appliances, defense programs, the sanitary industry, and various other sectors.

The Udaipur Times reports that most international automobile companies offer some type of anti-corrosion protection for vehicles, but there is no such protection for Indian consumers. Compared to other countries, India is far lacking in their steel protection and anti-corrosion programs. Galvanized steel strapping is a direct contributor to the success protecting against corrosion in countries like the United States.

“India loses around 4% to 5% of GDP [Gross Domestic Product] annually on account of corrosion losses,” said Sunil Duggal, CEO of Hindustan Zinc. “Western countries, which are far ahead of us in terms of Infrastructure, mandate the use of galvanized steel structures in bridges, highways, public utility, airports, metro stations, railways stations, etc. and are thus able to preserve long-lasting and robust structures.”

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