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Metal Strapping

Metal Strapping Tools: Different Types

By October 10, 2015No Comments

Metal strapping tools are as much in demand as metal strapping. Familiar with just a few of these strapping staples? Here are top strapping tool types you need to remember:

Automatic Tools

This is a large strapping tool. It won’t fit into the palm of your hand. Of course, the term tool itself could be misleading. It’s actually a machine that’s primarily used for large applications, ones for which handheld tools wouldn’t have been able to meet.

Sealers: Operated through manual use, sealers are handheld tools. These are perfect for those jobs that require you to work with items that, though small, are heavy. Sealers with plastic straps are common while those concerned with long-term durability opt for the steel strap instead.

These are also handheld equipment. You need to operate the units manually to make them work. Perfect for small building jobs, tensioners—either with normal or high-grade insulation—remain one of the easiest to use in terms of metal strapping tools in the industry.

Combination Tools
Same as the sealer, this is another handheld device. This time though, these tools are fit for large jobs. They can’t be too large, though. Only large enough to be compatible with a handheld combination device. Large-scale applications still fall under automatic tools. These tools are multipurpose, combining a sealer with a tensioner.

What Strapping is the Best?
In the end, it really all depends on what you need to secure. What items will you bundle up? Small ones? Then a handheld tool will be more than enough. But if you’ve got a larger bundling in your hands, then you probably need to go with the automatic machine. Don’t forget the sealers. They’re that missing link if you have to seal the strap. And if you have metal rods or pols or basically any material that’s long and thin, then that’s where the tensioners come in handy.

These are simply a few of the metal strapping tools that are available to you. Before you shell out money for a pretty expensive tool, do one thing: just make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re bundling. This way, you know which tool to pick right off the bat, saving you time and money in the process in case you happen to be wrong. Need help getting your hands on a few of these? At Independent Metal Strap, we offer a variety of strapping solutions. Explore your choices with us.


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