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The Properties That Make Steel Strapping The Superior Choice

By November 16, 2017December 16th, 2021No Comments

fully galvanized steel bandingFor many years, steel strapping has been considered the industry standard for heavy-duty applications, particularly for securing cargo. And while new alternatives have recently emerged, these other options have many drawbacks that stainless steel strapping does not. Although every job is different, fully galvanized steel banding typically comes out on top due to its many hardy properties and benefits. Here are just some of the properties that should make steel strapping your go-to choice.

Tension And Elongation
When strapping is used and tightened, tension comes into play. This tension eventually leads to stretching, or elongating, which becomes a big factor during cargo transport. If a strap elongates enough and then fails to return to its original shape, this can put the security of the cargo at risk. Strapping made of plastic can stretch and extend significant amounts, and that can lead to dislodged cargo or even snapping and breaking. Of all the strapping options, fully galvanized steel banding and other types of steel banding materials boast the highest amounts of retained tension, making them a more reliable option overall.

Break Strength And Durability
In the same vein, fully galvanized steel banding is great option when an application deals with rough handling or particularly heavy loads. In cases where cargo needs to be transferred numerous times during the transportation process, it’s imperative that banding be able to withstand this force. In terms of break strength, steel once again wins out over all other alternatives.

Heat And Humidity Resistance
Some strapping materials are prone to shifts in performance depending on the environment. For example, there are certain options that may not fare as well in particularly hot and humid surroundings. However, steel banding maintains its performance in both heat and humidity better than any other type of strapping. Because of its higher melting point and overall excellent durability, it’s not easily impacted by environmental factors of any kind.

And speaking of environmental factors, there are some sustainable reasons to choose steel banding, too. Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. In fact, the American Iron and Steel Institute estimates that 88% of the world’s steel is recycled. Galvanized steel, like the type used in our fully galvanized steel strapping, will often contain recycled materials, making it a more eco-friendly option for transport. In addition, the steel industry actually helps other related industries become more eco-conscious; due to steel product recycling, other products (like appliances, cars, and packaging) are subsequently recycled, too. Businesses focused on their environmental impact can proceed knowing their choice is a positive one for the Earth as well as for their daily operations.

Want to learn more about why steel banding should be your one and only strapping choice? Contact us today to find out how our tools can help your business succeed.


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