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Galvanized Steel

Test Your Mettle With This True or False Questionnaire About Galvanized Steel

By June 12, 2017December 16th, 2021No Comments

Whether you’re a steel supplier or a simple business person looking for a few facts about galvanized steel, brushing up on your metal knowledge is always a good idea. But can you tell which of these statements are true and which are false? Let’s find out!

The size of the spangle on hot-dip galvanized is a direct indication of the amount of zinc present.
FALSE. While this may have held true in the past, technology has put us far beyond this point. Now, a smaller spangle and smoother surface is an indication of excellent corrosion resistance. Steel parts are now almost 30% stronger than they were even a decade ago! In addition, these markers eliminate any possibility of fluting during a roll-forming process.

White rust only ruins the appearance of the steel, not the performance.
TRUE. Or at least, it’s true to an extent. White rust is often referred to as “storage stain,” and it’s usually the result of metals coming into contact with water after being stacked in bundles. This substance can cause corrosion, but the damage done is really dependent on the amount of exposure any metal has suffered.

White rust can be prevented if wet galvanized sheets are separated.
FALSE. You might be able to prevent white rust, but not like this. If a galvanized sheet has already been unpassivated, your chances of saving it from storage stain are pretty slim. Let this be a lesson to anyone storing steel strapping!

Soil causes variations in galvanized steel performance.
TRUE. If you’re a steel supplier, this knowledge is of the utmost importance. Some types of soil can actually be corrosive to zinc, which means getting soil tested on any project site is crucial to its success. The contents of a soil sample can help determine exactly how well any given coating will perform.

How did you do on this little true or false questionnaire? If it gave you a run for your money, it might be time to hit the books and brush up your knowledge. Don’t forget these important facts about galvanized steel!


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