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Top 3 Reasons To Choose Our Stainless Steel Strapping

By December 5, 2014No Comments

While we understand that every company naturally is going to try to market on being the best in the business but at Independent Metal Strap we know that we can honestly make the claim. There are several different reasons why we are the best and they are not just things we say, they are accurate reflections on the way that we do business and always have done business.

Our Material Source

Not only can we proudly say that all our materials are made in the U.S.A. but we can also say that we directly make all of our galvanized and stainless steel strapping, banding, steel pony coils and all of our seals. All of our products start with prime seal that we carefully select from mills across the United States. With all the steel coming from US based mills we can carefully control the initial quality leading to a better and completely uniform end product with every production.

In addition we do our own galvanization process and even design and manufacture all our own seals as well as stainless steel strapping. This is not something that many other sellers can offer.

Our Contracts

Not only do we sell to the public but we are also one of the very few authorized and accredited vendors that are able to sell strain steel strapping and supplies to the United States Government. To meet and keep this accreditation requires full commitment to meeting and exceeding all required standards as well as providing the best product available.

We are not just a large scale vendor. In fact, we do not have a minimum purchase requirement for your order, you can select as little as one roll of stainless steel strapping and one box of seals; we are ready and willing to ship to you.

Our Commitment

We stand behind our company and our products. You will quickly see that we take customer service very seriously and work with customers around the United States and internationally.

We know that our stainless steel strapping and other products are the best that you can find anywhere. For your next order give us a try; you will soon see why our stainless steel products really are the best.


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