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Use the Right Banding Tools to Get the Job Done No Matter the Size

By March 18, 2021No Comments

Using a banding strap for transporting goods or securing materials in a safe and supported way is a priority for people in many different fields. Strapping tools can be made of a variety of different materials from stainless steel to rubber, whichever is most suitable for the job at hand. Banding strips can be laid manually but for a more efficient and time preserving method, a banding tool can be used to band materials together in less time and with less energy.

There are a variety of different strapping tools to choose from starting with tensioners or sealers. Sealers may be good for banding smaller items, however, whether you use sealers or tensioners, it is important to use the appropriate material to hold whatever material is being bundled. Strapping tools can vary in type from plastic to rubber to stainless steel with each one being better for different kinds of jobs and needs. Stainless steel banding may be more appropriate for heavy-duty loads due to the durability of stainless steel while plastic banding may be sufficient for smaller jobs or jobs that require more flexibility.

In order to use a strapping tool properly and safely, there are a number of things to consider including cutting the banding to an appropriate circumference and making sure that there is extra space, looping the banding around the materials being transported, feeding the other end back through the banding to increase tension and fasten it properly, and tapping the wings down with a hammer. strives to provide made in USA banding tools to get the job done no matter the size.

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