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Why Galvanized Steel Banding is the Government’s Preferred Choice

By July 7, 2016December 16th, 2021No Comments

Time and again, galvanized steel banding is the top choice for government grade strapping. When it comes to the safety of your building materials for bundling and packaging, steel is the only way to go. Here’s why.

  • Strength and Stability
    Metal is obviously one of the most frequently used materials for constructing large modern buildings, but there’a reason to choose steel — and particularly galvanized steel — for strapping and banding. As a metal alloy, the techniques used to make steel are constantly evolving. Steel parts today, for example, are 30% stronger and more dent-resistant than they were just 10 years ago. Strong enough for skyscrapers and strapping alike!
  • Rust Resistance
    The hot-dip galvanizing process helps ensure that galvanized steel banding is resistant to metal’s most treacherous natural foe: rust. Make sure to look for strapping that is fully galvanized, even along the edges, for the longest-lasting material.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Steel is one of the most-recycled materials on Earth. Some 88% of the world’s steel gets recycled, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the amount of energy required to produce a new ton of steel has decreased by 34% since 1972. Galvanized steel strapping is a smart choice for contractors and for the planet.
  • High Quality Standards
    Quality galvanized steel banding should be made in accordance with governmental standards — so you know it’s tough. These specifications help manufacturers rest assured that their heavy cargo loads are safe and secure when working with a certified supplier. Additionally, suppliers who utilize a fully domestic galvanized steel production process are able to oversee the manufacture of their products from start to finish. That quality and peace of mind easily gets passed on to builders and buyers.
  • Affordability
    Galvanized steel banding offers many of the same benefits as stainless steel at a lesser cost. You get the same top-of-the-line performance, durability, and quality, without sacrificing a lot of extra money.

When it comes to heavy cargo strapping and banding, don’t trust just any material to do the job. Go with the product that the government itself uses and standardizes for the highest degree of safety and quality. Go galvanized!


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