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5 Bonafide Business Benefits that Come with Using Galvanized Steel

By March 17, 2017December 16th, 2021No Comments

Nearly 69% of steel in North America is recycled annually, but the steel that isn’t is probably still in use and galvanized, to boot. Galvanized steel is created when a piece of cleaned steel is dipped in hot zinc, which bonds, or galvanizes and creates a protective layer over the metal.

Why is galvanizing so popular? Here are just a few of the benefits that can be reaped from using galvanized steel in any major industry.

Low First Cost
Money matters, especially if you’re a business owner. Unlike many other hard coatings used for steel, galvanizing has the lowest first cost, which means it’s cheap to create and cheap to purchase. So galvanized steel strapping is a hot commodity, and probably will be for some time.

Low Long-Term Cost
In addition to having a low first cost, galvanized steel also has a low long-term cost. This is due in large part to galvanized steel having a much longer lifespan and fewer maintenance needs than even stainless steel does.

Most Durable Coating
One of the biggest selling points of galvanized steel strapping and other products for steel suppliers is the longevity of the coating. Because the zinc binds with the underlying steel, it forms an even stronger, more wear-resistant coating than many other processes do.

Inspection is Simple
Not only are galvanized steel inspections infrequent, they’re extremely simple. They can easily be inspected by eye alone for imperfections, and thickness needs only non-destructive methods for an accurate read.

Less Construction Time
When galvanized steel beams are delivered to a construction site, they’re ready to be used immediately. No time is wasted before erecting a structure, as on-site painting and inspection have already been completed at the galvanizing site. This is hands-down one of the biggest advantages for businesses that want to use galvanized steel.

Of course, construction isn’t the only industry where galvanization is important. Even outdoor art installations and other decorative structures can be galvanized in order to preserve their appearance. There’s simply no end to the benefits of galvanized steel.


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