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Galvanized Steel

5 Red Flags to Be Wary of When Selecting a Steel Supplier

By March 20, 2017December 16th, 2021No Comments

Whether you’re a sculptor or an architect, there’s no question that steel is an important part of work for many people. Galvanized steel strapping helps large shipments travel safely from point A to point B, steel beams hold up entire buildings, and even artists use steel as a medium for their work.

Safe to say if you want steel, you need to be getting it from a reputable steel supplier. But it can be tough to know right off the bat what constitutes a great steel supplier. Here are a few important red flags you should be on the lookout for if you ever find yourself in the market for a steel supplier.

Lack of Communication
A good supplier will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. If a steel supplier consistently refuses to communicate with you properly, then it’s a sign you need to take your business elsewhere.

Limited Inventory
According to the American Steel Institute, approximately 88% of steel around the world is recycled. But if the only inventory your supplier has to offer is recycled scrap steel, then you’re definitely in the wrong place. A diverse inventory is crucial.

Irresponsible Sales Representatives
Above all else, a supplier’s staff should be knowledgeable not just about the products they offer, but about steel and the industry in general. They don’t have to be industry analysts, but well-educated staff members are a sure sign of a good supplier.

Slow Turnaround
A supplier can be great at communicating and still have terrible turnaround time with your orders. If that happens, you need to find another supplier to work with. Timeliness is of the utmost importance.

Quality Control Issues
If you or someone you know has had bad quality experiences with a supplier, it’s important not to waste any more time. Getting sub-par work simply isn’t something that should be tolerated, especially in the steel industry.

No matter how you’re involved in the steel industry, these are the specific red flags you need to be on the lookout for if you’re in the market for a steel supplier.


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