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A Complete Guide for Choosing the Right Strapping and Banding Tool

By August 6, 2021No Comments

Wondering how to select the right strapping and banding tool for your needs? A strapping machine is a portable or fixed device that is used to strap a product, which means surrounding the item with at least two plastic or metal straps to secure it while it is transported or shipped.

But how exactly do you choose the right strapping and banding tool for your particular situation? Here is what you need to know.

How to choose a strapping and banding tool

Strapping is a great solution for securing your products or goods for transportation and storage. You can use strapping to secure nearly any item, including cumbersome loads and fragile products.

The products that you plan to strap can be packaged or packed in cardboard, and the strapping process is usually used to strap pallets and attach goods together. There are three different types of strapping tools, including manual strapping machines, semi-automatic strapping machines, and automatic strapping machines.

Manual strapping machines

Manual strapping machines or portable strapping tools are great for a diverse range of different packaging materials. These kinds of strapping machines are fairly mobile and very versatile, and they can be used either vertically or horizontally. Manual strapping machines are also great for small businesses with strapping rates of less than 50 straps per hour. They can be used to strap goods at either mobile or fixed workstrations, and they don’t need a huge investment. Using these manual strapping machines is a great way to strap pallets at a fairly low rate.

Automatic strapping machines

Fully automatic strapping machines detect the package in the conveyor line, then trigger the strapping process. One of the top benefits of fully automatic strapping machines is that they don’t need an operator. Fully automatic strapping machines have a maximum strapping output of about 60 straps per minute, and the dimensions need to be properly calculated.

The cost of automatic strapping machines is fairly high, but it varies depending on the size and characteristics of the fully automatic strapping machine. This kind of strapping machine is fairly simple to use, since all you need to do to strap the item is to place it in the arch and press either a button or a removable pedal.

Arch strapping machine

An arch strapping machine is another option. These strapping machines can be either automatic or semi-automatic, and they are much faster than strapping tables and less dependent on operators. That being said, they tend to be more expensive.



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