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A Few of the Most Common Applications of Stainless Steel

By January 11, 2017December 16th, 2021No Comments

You might be familiar with stainless steel because it’s on the face of your dishwasher or refrigerator at home, but stainless steel is used for so much more than just the faces of kitchen appliances. In fact, it’s used for industrial purposes more often than anything else.

Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. So much steel is recycled annually that the American Iron and Steel Institute estimates that 88% of all steel in the world today is recycled.

If you’re curious to learn more, here are some of the most common applications of stainless steel in society today.

When a building is being constructed, especially if it’s a commercial building, then the skeleton is typically made up of sturdy steel beams. And stainless steel in particular is one of the top choices for constructing commercial buildings because of its strength and resistance to corrosion.

Medical Tools
Whether it’s a gurney or a surgical tool, stainless steel is a popular choice in medical instruments because it’s easy to clean, resistant to bacteria, and resistant to corrosion. In a medical environment, sterility is incredibly important, which makes this metal a practical choice.

Industrial Shipping
If there’s a package of industrial materials that needs to be shipped to a job site, stainless steel strapping will often be used to secure the materials being shipped. Steel suppliers typically recommend stainless or galvanized steel for this kind of shipping.

Food Industry
If you look in your kitchen drawers, odds are you’ll have some steel utensils in there. It’s called silverware, but forks and spoons are rarely made from silver anymore. In addition, many commercial kitchens make use of stainless steel appliances because they are easy to clean and long lasting.

The exterior of a car may not be made of stainless steel, but the bare bones most certainly are. In addition, it’s used in the transmission systems, as well as the trims and grills. Industrial transportation makes use of it as well, and shipping containers and tankers are often made out of it.

Steel is a highly versatile and durable metal, which means its applications are just about endless.


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