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Galvanized Steel

To Galvanize or Not to Galvanize? A Few of the Biggest Advantages of Galvanized Steel

By January 9, 2017December 16th, 2021No Comments

There have been many technological innovations in the last few years, and steel is no exception. In fact, the amount of energy required to produce one ton of steel has been reduced by approximately 34% since 1972. But that’s not the only innovation worth mentioning.

Galvanized steel is perhaps one of the most resilient materials created by humans. From steel strapping to power tools, steel suppliers know that galvanizing is an effective process. Here are just a few of the many benefits associated with galvanized steel.

Low First and Long-Term Costs
Galvanizing has a lower first cost than many other steel coating processes, and it is also the most cost effective in the long run, too. Because the hot dip galvanizing process binds molten zinc to steel, it creates an extremely durable protective coating. Maintenance costs are significantly lower as a result.

Long Life Expectancy
In the majority of rural settings, the life expectancy of galvanized steel structures exceeds 50 years. Even in urban and coastal environments, galvanized steel has upheld with minimal maintenance for upwards of 25 years. The coating process provides for an even and reliable finish that allows the metal to hold up in even the most severe conditions.

When a piece of metal goes through the galvanizing process, its metallurgic structure changes because it is chemically bound to molten zinc. This provides for one of the most even, resilient coatings in the entire industrial market.

Easily Inspected
One of the most important qualities of galvanized steel is that it’s easily inspected just by eye. In addition, non-destructive methods can be used to test the thickness of the coating. In this manner, less metal is wasted and more time is spent on other important industrial processes.

Galvanizing is an incredibly effective process that provides protection to steel structures around the world. Not only is it cost effective, it requires little maintenance and can hold up in extreme conditions. This process is by far one of the most effective for protecting steel structures today. So if you’re asking whether to galvanize or not to galvanize steel, there’s really only one answer.


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